New ‘eFootball’ trailer and gameplay details revealed

Added features focus on 1v1 duels

PES 2022, now known as eFootball, has a new trailer along with some exciting new details about its 1v1 “duels”.

It’s not just the name that’s changing when it comes to PES 2022Konami has today unveiled a slew of new details about eFootball at Gamescom. And it looks as though there’s a new focus on 1v1 “duels”.


Here’s a full list of the features we know so far:

Controlling the ball touch

eFootball players can control the strength of each kick as well as determining dribbling speed – from a knock-on all the way up to a dash. PS5 players will feel haptic feedback using the DualSense as well as by making use of its adaptive triggers. However, the feature won’t be at launch and instead will be available in a later patch.

Tricking the Defender

Another post-launch update, eFootball promises the ability to get into “mind games” as you try to trick the defenders with feints and subtle body movements. Send them the wrong way and clear a path for the perfect goal.

Additionally, every pass creates opportunities – steal the ball by throwing your body in the way or cut off the pass with a deft foot. The choice is yours.


Introducing “Sharp Kicks”

Now, you can charge up a “sharp kick” to perform special kicks such as a sharp cross, fast lofted pass or rising shot. These new actions take more time to execute, so choosing the right moment is crucial.

1v1 Duels

One of the more impressive new additions are 1v1 duels – shifting the focus into a smaller moment midgame where it’s just you against an opposition player. These new 1v1 duels are complete with new win/loss rules – performing real-time calculations which include the ball, movement speed, body direction, physical ability, and more. All these in combination with player movement will determine the outcome and could lead to some spectacular goals.

Additionally, these duels come with a new “duel camera” – pulling the action in to focus on the 1v1 moment. And when the moment passes, the camera pulls back to a regular wider view.

Enhanced Team Playstyles and controls

eFootball adds new AI playstyles to help your team stay co-ordinated when off the ball. Combined with new attacking and defending controls, this gives players more options to play the way they want.

eFootball will launch free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this autumn.

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