New ‘Genshin Impact’ leak reveals Aloy’s Cryo gameplay

New Cryo main incoming

Thanks to a new Genshin Impact leak, the first gameplay footage of Horizon Zero Dawn‘s Aloy has been revealed.

The first look at Aloy’s character model and abilities have been leaked via a new Reddit post, showing off her Cryo archer abilities, as spotted by PCGamesN.

The clip, which is only 18 seconds long, features the anime version of Aloy using her Predator Bow and unleashing what looks to be her Elemental Skill consisting of several Cryo bombs.


The person playing switches to the character Kazuha who uses their Anemo wind ability to gather the bombs into a cluster before switching back to Aloy, who proceeds to release another ability where she fires an arrow into the air, which results in a Cryo explosion. From the animation, this seems to be her ultimate Elemental Burst skill.

Aloy gameplay from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

Before we get to see any more gameplay, however, the video ends. Reddit users in the thread are praising how good Aloy looks in action, with one saying, “Burst looks really good tbh. The AOE is a lot larger than I expected.”

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s protagonist was revealed for Genshin Impact last month (July 22) and is expected to arrive with Patch 2.1 at the end of this month. As this is a PlayStation crossover character, Aloy is a timed exclusive, meaning if you’re playing on PS4 or PS5, you’ll get Aloy as of update 2.1, while PC players will have to wait a bit longer.

Elsewhere, miHoYo has shared a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming four-star ninja, Sayu. Players will obtain Sayu by rolling on Genshin Impact‘s new ‘Tapestry of the Golden Flame’ banner, which will begin next week, on August 10.


Meanwhile, a Genshin Impact player was able to break into Inazuma while underleveled.