New ‘League Of Legends’ champion nerfed a day after release

Nilah received nerfs following a 52.60 per cent win rate on day one

The latest League Of Legends champion, Nilah, has been nerfed less than 24 hours after her release, which is a new record for a Champion adjustment.  

Nilah released on July 13 as part of the 12.13 patch for the game and was nerfed shortly afterwards, with her attributes taking a hit across the board. This comes off the heels of her win rate being over 52.60 per cent after one day, according to LoLalytics. This is a notable increase over the usual 30-40 per cent win rates of new Champions in their first week.

League Of Legends
League Of Legends. Credit: Riot Games


The mid-patch updates on the Riot Games website detail the specifics of Nilah’s adjustments, including a decrease to her health, her armour, lower passive heal and shield increases, a lower Q empowered attacks and bonus attack speed percentage, and a worse E recharge rate.

Three other Champions, Gwen, Master Yi and Sivir also received nerfs, although these characters have been in the game much longer, and their rebalances aren’t as substantial as Nilah’s.

American DJ Porter Robinson, who created the song ‘Everything Goes On’ for the game, recently spoke to NME, sharing his admiration for League Of Legends, as well as his inspiration for the track.

“Everything Goes On’ is “basically about what it’s like to be in love as a mortal creature. It’s about wanting to get better, wanting to go and experience life fully but also worrying that you might not be able to do the things that you want to do. I tried to find the jelly centre of the pain and grief that’s at the core of love.”

Riot Games also announced that it would be bringing League Of Legends to PC and mobile Game Pass “this winter”, along with four other titles.


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