New leak reveals Nintendo scrapped plans for a ‘Pokemon Pinball’ sequel

Plus, information on many other allegedly scrapped titles

A new “gigaleak” has revealed that in 2006, Nintendo were hoping to release a new game in the Pokemon Pinball series.

Following the leak last year which revealed a bunch of information about the development and creation of the Wii, users on the ResetEra messageboard have been digging through a fresh batch of information. They have made a lot of interesting discoveries, including details of a planned sequel to 2003’s Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire for the GBA.

Penciled in for release in 2006, the DS game would have WI-FI support and would have been developed by ​​Fuse (now known as Silverball Studios), the company responsible for Mario Pinball Land and Metroid Prime Pinball. No details have been revealed about why the project was scrapped but with the N64’s Pokemon Snap getting an overdue sequel earlier this year in the form of New Pokemon Snap there’s always the chance the game could get revived in the future.


The leak has also uncovered 10 early Wii prototype games such as Anti-Tank, Zoom Zoom, Drawing and Koopa Troopa Forest with several going on to be reworked for Wii Play.

There were also plans to make additional levels available to download for New Super Mario Bros. as well but for whatever reason, that didn’t happen either.

Elsewhere, the leak reveals that Super Paper Mario and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast were originally planned to be GameCube titles before they were held back for the Wii.

Nintendo were also considering a pitch by Magic The Gathering‘s creator Richard Garfield for a game called PLUCKER. According to the leak, it was going to be “a strategy game that replaces card games with figures”.


In other news, a glitch in Pokemon Unite has revealed Machamp’s rather toned buttocks. Released last week, Pokémon Unite is a strategic free-to-play battle game that features five versus five battles. Based on popular MOBA titles like SMITE and Dota 2, Pokemon Unite will be free to start and feature in-game purchases.