New ‘Metal Gear Solid’ glitch helps speedrunners break world record

The 23-year-old game still has a few accidental surprises up its sleeve

Despite being released 23 years ago, Metal Gear Solid still has a large speedrunning community – and a new glitch has blown things wide open for them.

During a normal playthrough, streamer Boba discovered a glitch that essentially sees Snake warp through a locked door, saving players a very valuable two minutes.

The glitch happened on Communication Tower A. Usually players would have to climb the 27 staircases to reach the top of the tower but on this playthrough, a guard shot Snake which triggered the next section of the game. You can watch the event happen below.


The community has dubbed this glitch the “Boba Skip”, although Boba has suggested it be called “Kevin”.

While Boba found it completely by accident the speedrunning community immediately set about trying to recreate this glitch, with Twitter user Hau5test sharing a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Not only does this glitch completely change the route most speedrunners will use to complete this level, but it opens up the possibility that similar glitches can be used on other locked doors. And Metal Gear Solid has a lot of locked doors.

The glitch has already impacted speedrunning records, with the top two fastest times ever for Metal Gear Solid being achieved today (August 16) according to


In other news, the long-awaited, much teased Call Of Duty: Vanguard’s official reveal event has been announced via the PlayStation Store, which appears to have revealed a Call Of Duty: Vanguard event at 6:30PM BST on August 19.

The reveal follows a series of leaks, speculation and rumours that even Sledgehammer Games and EA and got involved with, as they shared footage with streamers as well as posted on Twitter to tease players about the imminent reveal.

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