New ‘Monster Hunter’ film trailer feels more like the original games

Less military action, more monster hunting

A new international trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie provides fans an insight into the game adaptation.

The Chinese trailer takes a look at some of the numerous monsters set to be introduced such as Diablos, Nerscylla, Apceros, and Rathalos. A short tease at the cute Palico companions commonly known from the game is briefly shown during the trailer’s close.

Unlike the first trailer which focused heavily on modern day characters being thrust into the Monster Hunter world, the latest trailer focuses on aspects that fans of the series will more than likely appreciate. A heavier emphasis on the actual monster hunting, as well as the numerous costumes and weapons from the game takes place throughout, calling back to classic Monster Hunter games.


Check out the new trailer below:

IGN has also recently reported that Monster Hunter’s release date has been brought forward, ensuring fans will get to see it on the big screen sooner. The film will now release on Christmas Day, opposed to its original release date of December 30. An Imax print of the film is also reported to be making an appearance too.

The film is being directed by Paul W. S Anderson (Resident Evil) and stars Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy).

Next year is set to be a big year for the series, with two brand new games in the pipeline for release. The Nintendo Switch will see the release of Monster Hunter Rise, a new mainline entry, and Monster Hunter Stories 2, a sequel to the original Nintendo 3DS game.

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