New outfit and build kits coming to ‘The Sims 4’ in new “Season Of Selves”

“Add dimension to your Sims’ lives”

The Sims 4’s autumn season theme has been announced, bringing new outfit and build kits in the Season Of Selves.

The Sims 4 recently introduced kits – small and affordable collections that provide a boost to gameplay by adding a selection of new clothes or build materials to the game. It seems the game is now focusing on these kits, after the recent release of the Cottage Living pack.

The Season Of Selves was announced via Twitter and promises large, free updates that will centre around customisation options, along with the two kits. Although no further details have been announced, the kit descriptions reveal a little of what fans of The Sims 4 can expect.


“Try on looks that defy borders and boundaries with three global fit kits,” reads the first description, with the second reading, “cultivate your modern sanctuary with a fresh new build kit”.

The free updates are mentioned as adding “dimension to your Sims’ lives” and letting fans “customise your space with colour”. A recent free update took the Spa Day expansion pack to a new level by adding nail salons, wellness for children, and new aspirations.

Almost all Wellness skill items now provide ways to make money, including massage chairs, tables, yoga mats, and meditation stools, with portable options allowing players to run their own pop-up businesses relating to Wellness.

It is also possible for players to advertise their services through the game’s social media to gain new customers. Another new trait known as the Spa Membership trait gives players the chance to avoid fees if they want to regularly partake in a spa session.


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