New ‘Skyrim’ mod adds a sci-fi city with skyscrapers to the game

A truly different way of playing

A new Skyrim mod adds a sci-fi themed city to the game, meaning players can see skyscrapers in the fantastical world.

First spotted by PC Gamer, the mod called Fort Knox is created by Ripcat. It adds skyscrapers, neon signs, an industrial district and even a strip club with ‘sexy’ robots. It’s everything that Skyrim is usually not, but it’s fascinating. An update of an older mod called Aether Suite – Project KnOx, Fort Knox adds a cyberpunk-esque theme to the game.

It contains NPCs that appear across its five distinctive areas. While there are no quests and the dialogue is minimal, it’s intriguing to explore. There is a shuttle to take you to the beach along with shops that sell guns and drugs. Players will also encounter cops in riot gear.


Installing Fort Knox adds a new spell called Log Out to your spellbook. By casting it, players are transported to a VR room, where their character wraps up their Skyrim session and steps out into the ‘real’ world. That world being Fort Knox.

It’s a fairly dark in mood cyberpunk world, but a huge change from the usual Skyrim pace.

In recent times, mods for Skyrim have been expansive. A roleplaying mod was released for the Special Edition of the game last month. Skyrim Requiem aims to make the game “more immersive, semi-realistic and coherent”.

Another recent mod set out to replicate the original Windhelm concept art.


In other gaming news, a second Fire Emblem game may be released this year. That’s according to a reliable industry insider, who notes that the game is “nearly finished with its development”.

Elsewhere, Capcom has announced Street Fighter 6 and a Capcom Fighting Collection that bundles together ten arcade games.

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