New trailer for ‘Endless Dungeon’ shows off gameplay and rules

Part trailer, part instruction manual

A new trailer for Endless Dungeon was shown at Summer Game Fest, allowing prospective players to learn the ropes and experience a glimpse of gameplay.

The upcoming roguelite’s trailer emphasises the importance of teamwork, showing players how best to progress with an instructional voice-over.

Each tip is phrased as a key rule, including “know your enemies” and “defend your crystal”.


The fast-paced gameplay takes centre stage, as various enemies were shown alongside an array of weapons and character classes.

Certain characters, moves, and weapons do specific damage to specific foes, so the trailer also advises players to learn their squad’s strengths before a battle.

Both couch, split-screen and online co-op will be available for Endless Dungeon fans, alongside single-player campaigns that allow players to switch between characters.

Although no release date has been announced yet, Endless Dungeon is available to wishlist on Steam.


Another trailer to be revealed was The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes, which had its first official trailer shown to fans during a livestream. The third instalment in the eight-game anthology sees a group of trapped soldiers try to survive alongside a mysterious force in a Sumerian tomb.

A huge Day Of The Devs stream followed up on Summer Games Fest’s Kick Off Live yesterday (June 10), showing off an array of upcoming indie games and highlighting their creators.

Among the games announced were Metroidvania Axiom Verge 2, chilled life sim Moonglow Bay, and rhythm game Unbeatable.

There are still many more game announcements to come during E3 and Summer Games Fest, including Koch Media’s Primetime Gaming stream tonight (June 11).

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