New ‘Warframe’ expansion ‘The New War’ launches in December

But first you must reawaken the Prime Vanguard

The upcoming Warframe expansion, The New War, has finally been given a release date by Digital Extremes, and it launches this December.

Originally announced during TennoCon 2021, the upcoming Warframe expansion has been in the works for some time. Now, it looks as though it will hit PC and consoles by the end of the year.

“The New War is almost upon us, Tenno,” reads the official announcement. “Are you ready for all-out war? This December, The New War releases simultaneously on all platforms.”


Here’s what you can expect when The New War launches later this year:

“After countless years biding their time since the collapse of the Orokin Empire, the Sentients have mustered a full-scale invasion force and are prepared to conquer a shattered and divided Origin System. Discover your power within and take control of new characters, Weapons and a brand-new Warframe as you wage war across the stars.”

In preparation for the upcoming Warframe expansion, a Prime Resurgence event is launching on November 16.

This new event will task you with reawakening the Prime Vanguard – allowing players to gear up with new weapons and Warframes.

“Familiar with Orokin tech, Varzia has the ability to summon Prime Warframes and Weapons through the power of Aya and Regal Aya. Build your Arsenal with an array of Primes and you’ll be able to take on any threat the Sentients throw at you.”

The availability of new Prime Weapons and Warframes will change from week to week, so you’ll have to act fast to snag yourself some new loot.


You’ll earn these new weapons and Warframes by collecting a new resource called Aya which Varzia will exchange for Relics containing Prime Blueprints. Collect Regal Aya and you can you exchange that for Prime Gear instantly.

A full cinematic trailer for The New War will launch on November 30.

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