‘New World’ bug isn’t giving players gold for selling items when they’re offline

Instead, players are receiving a "housing compensation message".

New World players are reporting a bug that is stopping them from gaining gold after selling their in-game items when they’re offline.

A new post published to the New World forum today (October 28) finds numerous players of the MMO discussing a newly discovered bug that is stopping them from earning their gold from the in-game auction house after logging off.

One player, Nunchaki, shared the issue stating that there is no issue when another player buys their item off the auction house when they’re online, they receive the gold no problem. However, Nunchaki tested it again but instead fully logged out of the game. When they logged back in they discovered that their item had been sold, but they hadn’t received their coin.


“Yesterday I’ve logged out of the game around 6:30 PM CET (do not remember the exact amount of gold I’ve logged out but it was over 3k 100 per cent), I’ve placed 900 infused silk for a sale for 3.85 and 3.90 coin which in total value when sold is just short of 3.5k gold,” the player said.

New World
New World. Credit: New World forum

Nunchaki also explained that this amounted to a total value of 3.5k gold — which apparently was sold overnight while they were offline — and after logging back in the following day they received a “housing compensation message” but didn’t receive any compensation for their lost gold.

In the forum post thread, several other players are reporting the same issue claiming that they too put items up for sale, logged out, and didn’t receive the gold after it they were sold.

“I also have this issue, sold 3k worth of stuff and got nothing after receiving the compensation for the house,” one player said. “Same here,” said another. “Sold 442 orichalcum ingots and didn’t receive the more than 2000 gold for it.” The reports go on.

Amazon Game Studios has yet to address this bug, but it seems to be causing a lot of trouble for New World players and the game’s economy.


Elsewhere, New World recently received another update that aimed to fix the “top issues” in the game.