‘New World’ devs deny a “currency crisis” and say the economy is fine

"From a data standpoint the economy is performing within acceptable levels"

Amazon Game Studios has said that the economy in New World is “performing within acceptable levels”, despite claims that the market is in the midst of tanking.

As spotted by PC Gamer, the New World community believes the MMO is already suffering from deflation, where – according to Player Auctions – “more money is leaving circulation than can be replaced”. This “currency crisis” means that there’s not enough gold generation in New World, so the price of goods is tanking so that people can afford them.

Similarly, the site alleges that some servers have adopted a “hunter and gather society”-type economy where players are trying to trade materials for other materials.


On the other hand, New World developer Zin_Ramu has replied to a post on the forum to explain why Amazon Game Studios is happy to let the economy do its thing for now.

New World River
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

“All servers are creating more money than is being removed, and by a good margin. However, the economy is tighter at the end-game currently,” reads the post.

While the economy seems like it’s getting along just fine for now, Ramu has said that the team won’t shy away from correcting any potential issues that may arise:

“Players are consistently generating a positive gold balance every day but there is a downward trend. If this trend continues and we get closer to a negative in-out, we will take action. Our goal isn’t to drive this value to zero or make it so no one can amass wealth, instead we want to ensure that overall gold balance per server stays in-check so coin remains important.”

Ramu also added that two big changes – fixing the Azoth Staff bug and reintroducing Outpost Rush – should help players make more gold.


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