‘New World’ invincibility bug causes chaos as Amazon looks for a fix

New World, same MMO issues

Amazon Game Studios has confirmed it is “aware and investigating” an invincibility exploit in New World that is causing chaos in PvP (player versus player) content.

As players continue to report a game-breaking bug that allows players to achieve invincibility in New World (thanks, PCGamesN), an Amazon Game Studios spokesperson has confirmed that “the team is aware and investigating the issue”.

The invincibility bug is easy to replicate and allows players to become unkillable in PvP, at the cost of not being able to move. While not being able to move may seem like a significant downside, the added invulnerability allows players to remain in capture points indefinitely, causing wars in the MMO to effectively become useless.


New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

Due to the bug being easy to reproduce, the issue is becoming more widespread across New World as more players learn how to get it working. This has obviously led to particular problems within PvP, as players are discovering more and more players who cannot be killed – yet can still deal damage.

Responding to further complaints, Amazon Game Studios has said it is “aware of the issue and the impact it is having” and is “reviewing the issue and possible solutions”.

“Our top priority with any bugs or exploits that come up is to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If there are folks abusing a bug/exploit we will make sure they are handled by moderation.”

Earlier in the week, Amazon Game Studios revealed that it is looking into the “top 20 issues” players are having with New World and has asked players to chip in with their own concerns.


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