‘New World’ is making some “combat responsiveness” changes

The aim is for combat to “feel fluid and responsive”

Some changes are coming to the way combat works in New World, according to an Amazon Game Studios developer.

The main areas of change will be weapon swapping, dodge cancels, and attack input windows, as outlined in a developer post on the New World forums. The goal is for all of these to “feel fluid and responsive” as they’re a major aspect of the game’s combat system, with the changes coming in the next few releases.

“We are currently working on weapon swap responsiveness and making sure that it is more consistent throughout all of our attacks, as we want swapping weapons to be an integral and fluid part of combat,” said the developer.


“There are many times that you think you’ve swapped weapons, but you end up attacking with the currently equipped weapon instead. We are working to fix these situations and expand when you are able to swap your weapon.”

New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios.

Dodge cancel windows and attack input timings will also be changed, as “there are some inconsistencies that are not intended. For example, you are able to dodge cancel out of some recoveries, but not others, and you are able to perform heavy attacks out of the recoveries of some abilities but not all abilities. Our goal is to make sure there are consistent input windows between all weapons and abilities.”

The developer also teased that a variety of abilities would be getting a rework, but didn’t say what, just that lesser-used abilities will soon become more viable.

Elsewhere in Aeternum, server merges are “on the horizon” apparently, as some servers are becoming too small to accommodate certain mechanics and events.


In other news, Sonic Frontiers could be the title of the upcoming game from Sonic Team, as Sega trademarked the title in both English and Japanese.