‘New World’ launches the Winter Convergence Festival for live servers

It's the most wonderful time of the yeti

Amazon Game Studios has launched a Winter Convergence Festival to celebrate the chilly season in New World.

The Winter Convergence Festival has now launched on all live servers, after it was tested on the New World Public Test Realm (PTR) earlier in the month.

For most players, this will be their first chance to jump into the winter festivities of New World. The Winter Convergence Festival is set to run from today (December 16) until January 11, giving fans plenty of time to try out what’s new in the MMO.


As part of the event, players will gather Winter Tokens from events all over Aeternum and turn them in to the Winter Wanderer – a giant yeti. These can be used to purchase “rare and cosmetic items” from a temporary holiday shop.

There’s also “new armours, weapons, furnishing, skins, consumables, and a delightful “present gifting” emote” for players to unlock during the event.

To celebrate the Winter Convergence, players can also complete some festive Town Projects which result in settlements upgrading their holiday decorations – and some appreciative gifts for players who help out.

Outside the safety of the settlements, there are Lost Presents to retrieve from Frigid Folk. These Lost Presents can be turned in for Winter Tokens at Winter Village Holiday Huts across Aeternum. There’s also new Ice Caves appearing across the map, which Amazon Game Studios has confirmed will remain in New World even after the Winter Convergence Festival ends.

During the festivities, a new dynamic event – Gleamite Showers – has a chance of occurring during the night. These can be harvested for crystals, which can then be turned in for even more Winter Tokens.


Finally, there are seven new Winter Convergence quests for players to complete. These can be started at level 25, however finishing them all will require a level 60 character.

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