‘New World’ players are banning each other to win wars

War, war never changes

Players in New World are issuing mass reports, trying to get players banned to help them win in-game wars.

As spotted by PC Gamer, players have figured out that mass reports on accounts can result in a 24-hour ban, so they’ve been reporting opposing players right before a war, which happens over a limited time.

Posts across the New World subreddit and forums have been decrying the issue, with one post titled “50 people in my 100 person company are now banned,” with the user asking for a fix ASAP, saying it’s unfair that half their company was banned because “everyone can press report a couple of times”.


New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios, Double Helix Games

A lot of the replies to that post say a solution would be for the repeat reporters to receive a ban themselves, or to get in contact with Amazon Game Studios to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Another post on the game’s forums outlines a similar problem. “So my company has a war today and the company we are going to war against reported our top players so they would get a temporary 24-hour ban and not be able to participate in the war,” it reads. “This is beyond petty and it would be great if the admin team could really look into this. If this isn’t cheating by the other company through clear abuse of the system I don’t know what is.

Mass report automatic bans are REALLY a CONFIRMED thing. from newworldgame

“This needs to get looked at immediately please by the admin team. Mass reporting the night before a war really needs to get fixed and those who abuse the system should face repercussions.”

To make matters worse, moderators and admins behind the game are giving players mixed messages. One says that in-game reports all reviewed manually, and that “you will soon get an answer,” whilst another says that bots will automatically ban someone after a certain number of reports.


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