‘New World’ players are literally catching bots

That's one way to stop bots.

New World players are literally catching bots in traps due to the game’s ongoing bot farming problem.

As spotted by Dexerto, a group of New World players were successfully able to catch a bot in a trap they witnessed running back and forth in the same pattern, seemingly using the MMORPG’s farming exploit to earn fast money.

On the New World Reddit, ‘TheCanabalisticBambi’ shared a video of them and their group trapping a bot by using the game’s camp mechanic. “We caught a bot on our camps tonight,” the post read. “Level 30 no faction bot running same paths and doing the same actions.”


After the party were able to trap the bot, the AI continued to run on the same spot continuously, unable to escape, while they watched.

We caught a bot on our camps tonight. Level 30 no faction bot running same paths and doing the same actions. from newworldgame

Several other players in the comments of the post also claimed to have caught bots as well, with one saying, “He has levelled all the way to 32 doing nothing but picking hemp and then dumping it on the WW auction house. This will only get worse.”

The MMORPG’s main issue right now finds the programmed bots simply farming and gathering materials in the world to sell them on the Trading Board for money, which ultimately ends up messing up the game’s economy for players.

Last week (October 21), Amazon Game Studios shared that it would be temporarily putting New World‘s character transfer function on hold due to a gold duplication exploit.


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