‘New World’ players are reporting a fish farming bot problem

Bots are now reaching levels as high as 30.

New World players are now experiencing an overwhelming amount of bots that are farming fish and other materials on their server.

As reported by PC Gamer, players of the Amazon Game Studios MMORPG have been reporting an influx of bots again, but this time they’re all at a higher level.

“Over the last week I have seen a huge influx of bots on my server again,” said JustDaveinTheLBC on the New World subreddit. “But they’re all higher level now, 20’s & 30’s. They’re out harvesting and mining in full effect. Are other servers seeing this again? I’ve reported the same bot three times in three days, it’s starting to get really annoying competing for materials with bots…”


Another player, chance_waters, also shared their experience on the subreddit saying that, “There is a fishing bot on my server that sits in the same spot at least 18 hours a day, that has single-handedly destroyed the price of multiple items, ruined fishing on the server, has received hundreds of reports and still isn’t banned.”

Consistent bot farming can cause the game’s in-game auction house to decline, meaning New World‘s economy can also be ruined, which isn’t great for players. Amazon Game Studios has yet to respond to the sudden new influx of bots that are farming materials, but it has addressed the issue of them in the past.

Since launching in September, there have been several New World gameplay issues, many of which have involved bots. Most recently, players had to resort to literally catching bots in traps, themselves.

Elsewhere, the developer had to temporarily take down EU Central servers on November 24 in order to deal with a bug that seemed to hand out vast amounts of gold to players. Amazon Game Studios did confirm that a further update would be provided once the issue was resolved.