‘New World’ players build working minimap after getting lost too often

Need a hand getting around?

Tired of getting lost in towns, two New World players have created their own minimap to help navigate the world of Aeternum.

As spotted by Gamerant, Reddit user Morbrid has – with the help of their friend – created a completely functional minimap in New World. After “always losing track of where things are in towns”, Morbrid created the minimap – complete with icons for important locations – and showcased it in a video posted yesterday (October 14).

For other players who struggle to find their way in New World, Morbrid has uploaded the minimap mod to Overwolf if anyone who would like to download it.


As well as mapping the player’s location, the New World minimap also “tracks ores, herbs, essences, chests and more”.

New World bow skills
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

In a separate comment, Morbrid has explained how the minimap actually works. Clarifying that it doesn’t use “memory reading”, the modder says “it just takes screenshots of the coordinates that display when the FPS [counter] is active, and analyses the image”.

Morbrid’s minimap has proved popular on the New World subreddit, as many have shared their experiences in getting lost all over the MMO. On the other hand, some have expressed caution over downloading the minimap due to Amazon Game Studios‘ stance on modding still being relatively unclear.

Morbrid has admitted that “it does seem a bit of a grey area” as the minimap helps users find resources, but notes that other websites already do the same thing. The modder also highlights that the New World minimap is on Overwolf, stating “as far as I know, Overwolf is EAC [Easy Anti-Cheat] whitelisted and as this is the only process that runs, it is unlikely to get you banned”.


In other news, a Minecraft speedrunner has managed to complete the game – while blindfolded – in just over half an hour.

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