‘New World’ players cannot name characters “Amazon”, “Bezos”, and more

It's unbelievable [REDACTED], I don't know [REDACTED]

The recently released PC MMO New World from Amazon Game Studios doesn’t let players name their character after the company, or its founder Jeff Bezos.

We have PC Gamer to thank for the discovery, as one of the first things they did was see what character names they could get away with in the game. “Bezos”, “Amazon”, “JeffB”, “Bez0s”, “Be Zos” and other such variants are marked as “cannot be used”.

Putting swear words in a character name also comes up with the “cannot be used” message, leading PC Gamer to the assertion that variants of both “Amazon” and “Jeff Bezos” are locked off. It’s also noted that this is different to a name already being in use, as the message “this name is in use” will pop up instead.


New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

Interestingly, the spoonerism name Beff Jezos isn’t locked away, though an eagle-eyed New World fan has already snatched it up.

The sheer number of Amazon-related names locked must be in the thousands at this point, as it was reported yesterday (September 28) that the game had almost 600,000 concurrent players. Today the peak concurrent players are at 707,230 according to SteamDB and as of right now it is the second most played game on Steam, behind only  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

During the New World beta tests earlier in the year, peak concurrent players sat at around 200,000, and the game already has 255,000 followers on Twitch.

In other news, the first day of New World witnessed almost 1million concurrent viewers tune in to streamers playing the game. Assisted by a couple of big name streamers picking up the MMO, New World was one of the most-watched games on Twitch yesterday.