‘New World’ players have turned into gold scammers already

“90 people from the guild are left alone, broke and betrayed”

New World is seeing a gold scamming problem emerge just a couple of weeks after the Amazon Game Studios MMO launched.

As reported by PC Gamer, the New World subreddit has been aflame with users talking about the issue, as companies (individual “guilds” under one of the game’s three factions) are struggling to keep the gold they are taking in.

This has been happening for many reasons, as companies can tax players trading or using facilities in their owned territories, or in extreme cases, company leaders can scam players out of gold.


New World Launches
New World. Credit: Amazon Studios

Reddit user u/Paradoggs posted (October 6) asking the question, “did we just have the first huge drama in New World?” As the story goes, their company leader lost the first war “very badly” and failed to raise enough money for the last available settlement on the server without a claim.

So naturally, the company leader asked players to cough up every last penny they owned so they could maybe scrape by and get the settlement, blaming other users and begging they donate “to the cause”.

Next thing the company knows, the leader emptied all 60,000 gold from the company treasury, transferred the money between themself and a friend, made new characters and joined another faction.

“90 people from the guild are left alone, broke and betrayed,” continued Paradoggs. “The faction (the smallest on this server) is in disarray and full of betrayal. No one trusts anyone, and no one knows anything to do about it other than get invaded and die whimpering.”

Several users in the Reddit thread claim that a similar thing has happened to them, suggesting this could be a widespread issue.


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