‘New World’ sees user reviews fall to “mixed” over the past 30 days

Its popularity may be waning

New World has seen its aggregate user reviews on Steam fall from “mostly positive” to “mixed” in the past 30 days.

Originally spotted by TheGamer, the feedback has changed since the game’s launch. While the All Reviews section is still considered “Mostly Positive” with 72 per cent of 155,340 players liking the game, the Recent Reviews section has only 62 per cent of the 28,744 reviews in the last 30 days as positive.

Crucially, the negative reviews are not good. One player described the game as “a buggy mess” with “unfulfilled promises”. Others criticised the game’s “grind” with updates not helping matters, while others escribed the dev team as “incompetent and ignorant”.


Another player called Fetzi described the game as “trash” complaining that they “can’t believe I wasted so much time on this”. The player has over 200 hours recorded with the game but hasn’t played in the past two weeks according to Steam records.

New World overlook
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

Some of this is potentially down to the latest New World patch. Released last week, it added the Void Gauntlet weapon, more enemies and some balance changes which have presumably not gone down well with players.

New World has had a rocky beginning with new exploits popping up regularly which led to Amazon Game Studios having to disable wealth transfers, as well as work on combat responsiveness changes. Earlier in November, it was discovered that the game had lost over 500,000 players in its first month.

Despite that, streamer Asmongold thinks the developers are “doing their absolute best” but still believes that the game is in a “terrible state”.


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