News veteran Nibel quits video game coverage and leaves Twitter

“This marks the end of my video games coverage and my active participation in the platform.”

After building an almost half-a-million strong following on Twitter, games industry news provider Nibel has quit the platform and, it seems, video game coverage entirely.

In a statement posted to a now-locked Twitter account with almost 450,000 followers, Nibel announced that they would be leaving the platform after “some introspection.” The account will remain up so that nobody can take the username for “malicious purposes,” Nibel also wrote.

Tweeting from the username @Nibellion, Nibel had gained a reputation for regularly tweeting breaking news and games industry memes. In today’s statement, Nibel also said that “This marks the end of my video games coverage and my active participation in the platform. Thanks to everybody for the fun times!”


Recently, Nibel had been posting on their Patreon page and also had plans to launch a Discord channel for interested followers to join to keep up to date with gaming news, but both of these have now been cancelled.

Writing on the Patreon page, Nibel seemed to place the blame at the feet of Twitter’s management and leadership, including new owner Elon Musk. “Today I will move on from both Twitter and Patreon. There won’t be any games coverage from me on either platform,” Nibel wrote.

They then continued, “Then there is the elephant in the room which is the platform itself,” before clarifying, “I don’t think that Twitter has yet experienced good leadership, and this trend will not change with Musk either. I do not trust the platform. I do not trust Musk and his seemingly infinite immaturity. I do not think Twitter will fall apart instantly but that it could die a slow death. Why waste more time?”

According to recent reports, Musk is planning to make Twitter charge £17 ($20) per month for verification – users with a blue tick will be forced to pay this to remain verified – although the changes haven’t been formally announced as yet. Musk did tweet overnight that “the whole verification process is being revamped right now.”

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