Next ‘Humankind’ big update will launch October 28

The update should be fairly chunky

A new major patch for Humankind will arrive on October 28 according to a blog post by developer, Amplitude Studios.

In the blog post, Amplitude has called the patch the “next big update”. The patch “will improve your options when creating your game with new settings for resource abundance and end conditions.” It also aims to “address the rapid increase in the game’s pace in the mid to late game discussed by the community, as well as some of the most discussed concerns about balance between cultures.” Amplitude will discuss the update in greater detail next week, closer to the patch’s launch.

Elsewhere in the blog post, the developer also used the time to explain that it’s busy with “various improvements we think you will be excited about”. It also explained that feedback through Games2Gether, the Steam forums, and even Steam reviews has been “vital to us”. The feedback has been used to see what players like about the game as well as “to get a picture of how you would like the game to grow in the future.”


There was also a mention for Mac players with the team continuing to make “good progress” on the Mac version of the strategy game. This statement was made despite acknowledgement that creating an M1-compatible version was proving to be “surprisingly difficult”.

Finally, Amplitude Studios looked to the future, acknowledging that “many of you would like us to expand certain parts of the game, like religion, diplomacy, cultural influence, and pollution.” While no promises were made due to all of these being “substantial changes and additions that require careful consideration and time to implement,” a “close eye” is being kept on such requests.

In September, a Humankind update removed extended vision from the third empire as well as made other changes and tweaks to the format.

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