Next ‘World Of Warcraft’ update will remove developer names from the game

References to Jesse Mcree, Luis Barriga, and Jon LeCraft will be removed from the MMO

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the upcoming World Of Warcraft update will remove developer names to “better reflect our shared values”.

In a new tweet from the World Of Warcraft development team last night (August 27), Shadowlands update 9.1.5 will be going into the PTR next week and will introduce a bunch of changes to the game.

“Over the past few weeks we shared an update, the WoW team has been focused on the immediate future – both for our players and workplace, and what’s next for players too,” the dev team wrote.


Update 9.1.5 will include changes to covenants and conduits as well as introduce new character customization options.

The dev team also said that the update will introduce updates to “improve the game environment” for the community, including “additional changes to some content to better reflect our shared values, better visibility into the impact of your in-game reports of harassment, and more serious penalties for people engaged in disruptive behaviour.”

Although this doesn’t directly specify the removal of dev name changes in the tweet, in a statement to PCGamer, a Blizzard spokesperson confirmed that “the in-game references to Jesse Mcree, Luis Barriga, and Jon LeCraft will be removed from World Of Warcraft.

Yesterday, it was announced by the Overwatch dev team that the hero Mcree will be renamed after the Blizzard employee he was named after left the company following Activision Blizzard‘s harassment and discrimination lawsuit.

The three senior employees left the company earlier this month (August 12) with Activision Blizzard saying, “We can confirm Luis Barriga, Jesse McCree and Jonathan LeCraft are no longer with the company”, but no official reason has been provided.


The lawsuit was filed by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing in July and is a two-year investigation following allegations from employees that they’ve faced “constant sexual harassment” in the workplace, along with many other accusations.

In other news, employees at the company are claiming that recruiters are telling them to stop talking about the company’s toxic culture.

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