Nexus Mods faces “threats of violence” after banning ‘Starfield’ pronouns mod

Players have the choice of "he/him", "she/hers" and "they/them"

Nexus Mods has deleted a mod that removed the selection of pronouns in the Starfield character creator as the team “stands for diversity and inclusion in our community”.

In Starfield, players have the choice of “he/him”, “she/her” and “they/them” for their character. Though pronouns only provide an instruction when referring to someone without using their name, the rise of adding them as an option in gaming has been perceived as a political move by some.

On that note, the mod that removed pronouns from Starfield was pulled from the hosting site as it was not in concordance with the Nexus Mods team’s mission.


“Hosting this mod was not for us and it is certainly within our rights not to host content on our platform,” said Nexus Mods in a statement to 404 Media.

‘Starfield’ Credit: Xbox Game Studios

“It’s not a ‘political statement’ or an ‘alignment to one side or the other in the culture war.’ We stand for diversity and inclusion in our community and the removal of diversity, while appealing to many, does not promote a positive modding community.”

“A reinforcement that this has been the best course of action has been some of the hatred, vitriol and threats of violence coming from a very, very small minority of the community. Frankly, we are not sad to see them go.”

This stance is not out of the ordinary for Nexus Mods. When a player removed the pride flags found in New York City in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the team banned both of their accounts on the website. “We don’t want to and won’t argue this with you,” it said at the time.

Elsewhere, a Starfield player took it upon themselves to recreate the Chunks from the game in the form of beans, egg, spam and tomato. Check it out here.

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