Nightdive releases ‘System Shock’ remake screenshots

A taste of the upcoming remake

Nightdive Studios is remaking the classic 1994 horror shooter System Shock and has released several screenshots showing the game’s environments.

The latest screenshots (via PC Gamer) show enemies, weapons, and environments from the upcoming System Shock remake. Several feature heavy robotic foes, and one shows a gore puddle that used to be a person.

The reveal of the screenshots was accompanied by a Kickstarter update that announced that Prime Matter would publish System Shock’s remake. This new partnership will allow for the remake to release simultaneously on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The beta is on track to be released to backers in early 2022.


System Shock. Credit: Nightdive Studios

The remake was initially funded through a Kickstarter set up by Nightdive Studios. In September, the developers posted on the platform to assure backers and fans that the game was still on the way, despite some confusion over dates.

At the time, Nightdive said, “It’s been a wild couple of months as we continue to work towards launching the game we’ve all been patiently waiting for. I know there has been some confusion over dates, and announcements which is an unfortunate reality of making games, but I can assure you that System Shock is on the way. We have some big news to share in the future that will help make sense of what’s been going on, and again we thank you for your patience.”

Nightdive’s Kickstarter campaign to create a ground-up remake of the original 1994 System Shock launched on June 28 2016, initially targeting £677k in crowdfunding and eventually attracting £1.02million from backers. At the time, the game had an estimated delivery date of December 2017.

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