Ninja explains why Twitch is the best and doesn’t see YouTube as competition

 "What other platform is there dude, at all?"

During a Fortnite stream, Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins has explained why he feels Twitch is the best streaming platform around, as well as why Mixer missed its shot as a competitor.

While playing Fortnite yesterday (August 8), Ninja stated that “There’s literally nothing else but Twitch” in terms of viable streaming platforms (thanks, Dexerto). Adding on, he asks:

“What other platform is there dude, at all? That is just solely livestreaming that competes with Twitch?”


Aside from YouTube – which Ninja states, “I almost don’t even look at YouTube as a competitor” – streaming fans may think of Mixer, Microsoft’s attempt at a streaming competitor to Twitch that was shut down in June 2020.

Speaking about the platform, which Ninja briefly streamed exclusively on before it closed, Ninja claimed that the competitor had “a fraction of a chance at potentially turning into something great” but claims that they didn’t properly use his and Shroud’s exclusivity to full effect. He also adds that they could have moved away from using Microsoft email accounts to sign up and “do some proper advertising” to offer better competition.

Last month, Ninja was added as a playable character in Raid: Shadow Legends by developer Plarium Games. Available for three months, Ninja’s character can be obtained for free by anyone who plays a minimum of seven days while it is available.

Earlier in the month, a musician impersonated Ninja to sneak into Lollapalooza 2021, meeting famous artists before being called out.

Ninja has previously made headlines for refusing to play “with female gamers”, claiming that “it’s just kind of like a respect thing” toward his wife.


In other news, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice has been patched with further optimisation for Xbox Series X|S platforms, including raytracing, improvements to particle effects and different resolution modes.

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