Nintendo ‘1-2-Switch’ sequel reportedly on hold after testing “horribly”

If released, the game may be called 'Everybody's 1-2-Switch'

A new report suggests that Nintendo already has a 1-2-Switch sequel in the works for Nintendo Switch, but that it’s holding onto it after negative feedback.

Word on a sequel to 1-2-Switch follows multiple reports from earlier this year that one was in development, and according to a Fanbyte report from yesterday (June 7) it may be called Everybody’s 1-2-Switch.

Also in the report is the idea that Nintendo felt inspired by Jackbox Games, turning the sequel into a game show with smartphones that could create lobbies as big as 100 players.


The reason Nintendo has apparently shelved it, is because it “tested horribly” according to Fanbyte. Brutal feedback from the target audience of families with children called it boring and tedious in places.

The game also features a bipedal horse called Horse that hosts the games, and apparently during development sources started calling the game “horseshit” as shorthand for its quality. Everybody’s 1-2-Switch, or whatever it may now be called, was testing so badly that trusted Nintendo staff were saying it would damage the company’s reputation if released as-is.

What state the game will release in, be that at full price or via Nintendo Switch Online, according to Fanbyte, remains to be seen. Nintendo may not even announce the game and completely scrap it, but that is currently unknown as well.

The original 1-2-Switch released alongside The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild as a launch title for the Switch, and as of this year it sold well, at around 3.45million copies.

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