Nintendo announces ‘Bakugan: Champions Of Vestroia’, coming this year

The game was announced as part of the Nintendo Treehouse stream

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia has been announced during a Nintendo Treehouse stream and is being developed by WayForward.

The game is set to be released on Nintendo Switch on November 3 and is based on the popular anime of the same name. The premise is set around creatures called Bakugan that owners use to battle other trainers.

The upcoming title is an open-world RPG and will have players embarking on dozens of quests. Bakugan can be added to your team and the game can be experienced either solo or online, with the aim of becoming the ultimate Bakugan champion. Check out the announcement trailer below.


The official description of the game reads: “Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia video game will take players on a journey through an original story expanding on the hit TV series and toy franchise. They can create and fully customize their Brawler to fight side-by-side with the mysterious alien Bakugan as their human partner in battle.”

“The game features a fully navigable 3D world divided into different districts each with dedicated battle arenas. Players can interact with other characters, go on quests, and explore with their Bakugan friends. They can also test their brawling skills online in head-to-head multiplayer against friends or players from around the world to become a true Champion of Vestroia.”

The main focus of the Nintendo Treehouse stream was to provide a deeper look at Paper Mario: The Origami King. An in-depth look provided a deeper understanding of how the world will work, as well as the battle mechanics players will be utilising on their adventure.

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