Nintendo has acquired developers behind ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’

Content from the deal is expected to arrive in the next fiscal year

Nintendo has acquired Next Level Games, the studio behind Luigi’s Mansion 3.

The deal, which was made at an undisclosed amount, is set to be completed on March 1. In an announcement from Nintendo of Japan, the deal is said to “acquire 100% of the outstanding shares of Next Level Games”, with the plan to “make it a wholly owned subsidiary” of Nintendo.

By acquiring Next Level Games, Nintendo is acting to utilise the studio’s “development expertise”, as well as “facilitate an improved movement in development speed” by using its own staff to work on future titles.


Very little is expected in terms of content from the studio during this fiscal year, however, the report states that “Nintendo will start reflecting the earnings forecasts with respect to NLG for the next fiscal year and thereafter.”

‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’. CREDIT: Next Level Games

Next Level Games’ most notable work has been on the Luigi’s Mansion series. It worked on a sequel to the original for the Nintendo DS known as Dark Moon, before later creating a third numbered entry for the Nintendo Switch.

Before work on the Luigi’s Mansion series, the developer also helmed both Super Mario Strikers and Mario Strikers Charged. A Metroid Prime entry was also created for the Nintendo DS back in 2016 called Federation Force, a spin-off which deviated for the series’ roots and focused on being a cooperative shooter.

Nintendo’s plans for 2020 are still fairly vague with only a few previously announced games on the horizon. Monster Hunter Rise is one of the biggest titles expected to launch in March, with a digital presentation taking place later this week.

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