Nintendo plan to reveal new Switch with OLED display and 4K output this year

Mass production of Samsung OLED panels will begin as "early as June"

Nintendo reportedly plans to reveal a brand new version of its Switch console sometime this year.

As Bloomberg reports, the new Nintendo Switch will feature a bigger Samsung OLED display and touchscreen, as well as 4K output.

Samsung Display Co. will reportedly begin mass production of 7-inch, 720p-resolution OLED panels as “early as June” with a goal of one million units. This comes from people who are close to the project who also said the displays are slated for shipment to assemblers around July.


According to Bloomberg‘s report, Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of display consultancy DSCC said, “The OLED panel will consume less battery, offer higher contrast and possibly faster response time when compared to the Switch’s current liquid-crystal display.”

The new console will also feature 4K ultra-high definition output when the device is docked and connected with TVs, which will offer higher resolution compared to its predecessor.

The plan for Nintendo is to ship the new console in time for the Holidays and aim to use the Switch to compete against Xbox and Playstation.

It was rumoured last year that a new Nintendo Switch console would launch in early 2021, however Nintendo’s President Shuntaro Furukawa denied any plans of an announcement.

Nintendo Switch has just celebrated its 4th anniversary alongside its launch game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, both of which launched March 3 2017.

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