Nintendo receives second workplace complaint in 5 months

The complaint alleges that “coercive rules” prevent them from discussing working conditions

The National Labor Relations Board has received a second workplace complaint against Nintendo and a contracting firm it uses in its main office in the United States.

This is the second time this year that Nintendo has received such a complaint, with attention being drawn to workplace conditions in the gaming industry. The complaint was filed earlier this week (August 8) and alleges that Nintendo, alongside its contracting firm Aston Carter, established “coercive rules”. It further stated that the companies retaliated against, disciplined or dismissed employees for engaging in “protected activity” with others.

Allegations such as these could include workers saying they are unable to freely talk about working conditions or discuss forming a union, although the specific details of this complaint are vague.


It comes after the first complaint in April, which saw a gaming contractor allege their employment had been terminated after asking about unionisation within a company meeting. At the time, Nintendo denied the allegations put forward in the complaint, and said the employee was dismissed following a leak of “confidential information”. Nintendo further stipulated that it was not aware of any unionisation attempts.

Following the initial complaint, workers began speaking to media outlets about their working conditions (via, Axios), saying “I loved what I did. I hated how I was treated”, and that they “expected better” of such a huge gaming company.

Employees in the gaming industry have been speaking out about unacceptable working hours, low pay and generally negative working conditions. Recently, some have begun to form unions to address their situations, with Activision Blizzard’s Albany location being the latest to put in a bid.

In terms of what’s next for Nintendo and its two complaints, it could be some time before the board determines whether sufficient evidence exists to uphold the complaints, at which time either a hearing or settlement will take place.

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