Nintendo rejected “sexual” and “sensual” Samus voice for ‘Metroid Prime’

"They're very, very particular about vocal sounds in general..."

Nintendo reportedly rejected Samus’ voice in Metroid Prime for being too “sexual” and “sensual” sounding.

In a new Kiwi Talkz podcast hosted by Reece Reilly, Clark Wen, the Audio Director on Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, spoke about the development of the two games, revealing some behind the scenes information about the process of Samus’ voice – as reported by NintendoLife.

According to Wen, the dev team recorded some placeholder grunts and screams for the voice of Samus, Metroid‘s female protagonist, and sent it to Nintendo for feedback. However, the publisher thought the voice was “too sexual and sensual sounding”.


“They’re very, very particular about vocal sounds in general, so I was happy to let them take the reins and they ended up recording several actresses for Samus’ vocals, and we got them back a few months later and we ended up picking out the voice we thought worked best,” Wen said.

During the podcast, Reilly and Wen also discussed whether or not the voice of Metroid Prime‘s Samus was Jennifer Hale – best known for her role as Mass Effect‘s female Shepard – however, Wen explained that he’s not sure if that was the case.

The latest game in the franchise, Metroid Dread, was released for Nintendo Switch earlier this month and has since become the fastest-selling Metroid game in the UK.

In other news, Sony has confirmed that Canadian studio, Jetpack Interactive, is working on the PC port of God Of War.

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