Nintendo Switch OLED had one of the Switch’s biggest launches in UK

The pricier OLED model has proved more popular than the Switch Lite at launch

The Nintendo Switch OLED model may not have been the substantial upgrade that fans were expecting, but it’s appeared to have had a great start regardless.

As reported by, the launch of the new model last week (October 8) made for the 14th biggest week for Switch console sales in the UK since the machine launched in 2017.

It’s noted that the 13 higher positions were all during the peak Christmas and Black Friday sales periods, or the launch week of the Switch itself (which is the fourth biggest week overall).


Nintendo Switch OLED Model zelda
Nintendo Switch OLED Model. Credit: Nintendo

The OLED also significantly outperformed the cheaper handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite, which launched in 2019, and ranked as the 57th biggest week for Switch.

Nonetheless, the Switch Lite has still remained fairly popular (which was also more widely available than the standard model during the start of the pandemic), accounting for 20 per cent of Switch consoles sold in the UK.

The Switch OLED accounted for 70 per cent of all Switch sales last week, which now means this model accounts for 7 per cent of all Switch UK sales during 2021.

The Switch OLED costs £309.99, £50 more than the standard model, which received a £20 price drop to £259.99 last month. Its main attraction is its 7-inch OLED display, made possible with less bezel, while also including enhanced audio speakers, and perhaps more importantly a proper sturdy and adjustable stand.


While there are no internal hardware changes, fans have been speculating that the OLED model could potentially support 4K output in the future. Nintendo has however denied that a 4K-enabled Switch is being planned after some developers claimed had software toolkits offering support for 4K graphics.

Elsewhere, Alan Wake Remastered has received an ESRB rating for the Switch, following a previous rating in Brazil, which could mean the game will be coming to the console soon.