Nintendo Switch Online input lag for N64 games improved in update

Criticism of Nintendo 64 games on the Switch has been continuous

An update for the Nintendo Switch Online service last week appears to have improved the input lag in the playable Nintendo 64 titles.

Since the launch of Banjo-Kazooie on the service, update 1.2 has led to some improvements (thanks Eurogamer). It appears as though the input lag – which is how long an action takes to happen in the game and on-screen – has been reduced, making for a smoother play experience.

YouTube channel Modern Vintage Gamer released a video (which can be viewed below), indicating that input lag had been improved.


“The input lag has had some work. It’s certainly not fixed, but it is better than the original release and it does show me that Nintendo is listening, or at least reading the feedback and trying to address these things.”

“Again, this is not perfect, and due to the nature of emulation it may never be, [but] it’s clear that Nintendo has reduced lag here and overall the game does feel much better to play so this is quite a good result,” he continued.

Input lag has now dropped from around five to six frames to one to two, a vast improvement. Ocarina Of Time was used to test the change, so it should be noted that the input lag difference hasn’t been compared to every other game on offer. The same Nintendo 64 title also received a surprise fix to the Water temple recently as well, as an infamous glitch is now gone.

Since the expansion pack of Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive launched last year on Nintendo Switch, many have been critical of many differing emulation issues across the games on offer. So much so that Nintendo even said it is taking the criticism “very seriously,” and it now looks like improvements are coming in.

Majora’s Mask will be coming to the service next month, as Nintendo slowly bulks up the N64 library of games on Switch.


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