Nintendo Switch owners are still sharing potential fixes for download error

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Since issues were first reported last week (June 11), Nintendo Switch owners are still having problems with downloading games and updates from the eShop.

The infamous ‘Error Code: 2123-1502’ has become a problem for a select number of Nintendo Switch players as it stops them from connecting to the internet or playing downloaded games. Nintendo customer support currently has a support page on the issue which recommends clearing the system cache, creating a new internet connection, and more.

To clear the cache on a Nintendo Switch, you need to go to system settings from the home menu, select system, go to formatting options, and finally select reset cache. Whilst this doesn’t affect your downloaded games or save data, keep in mind that it will delete cookies, passwords, and other cached website data.


Nintendo is yet to officially acknowledge the issue that’s plaguing some systems. However, according to some Reddit users, people have been told by customer support that a firmware update is in the works to prevent the issue.

Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo

User Zealousideal_Past276 said: “[I] Asked Nintendo if this was going to be fixed received a reply saying that they are working hard on a fix and a new system update will hopefully be available soon, at least they have acknowledged there is a problem so there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

A r/NintendoSwitch Reddit thread from last week has fans pooling any successes and possible fixes, with many still unable to get around the problem. It looks like there is currently no widespread solution, with some reporting that using a mobile hotspot works and others saying that repeatedly downloading a game fixes the problem.

When the ‘Error Code: 2123-1502’ issue initially emerged, Nintendo temporarily paused the rollout of their most recent firmware update, though it was resumed soon after.

A new firmware update seems to be the only way this issue will be solved permanently, so the Reddit thread and official support page from Nintendo are the best ways to attempt to resolve the issue at this time.


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