Nintendo Switch receives Bluetooth audio support with shaky update

Some users are reporting some rocky functionality

Nintendo Switch owners can now use Bluetooth devices to listen to audio from the console, however some users are reporting technical difficulties in trying to do so.

Nintendo‘s firmware update 13.0.0 has added Bluetooth functionality, meaning users can listen to audio through various wireless Bluetooth devices instead of wired headsets or through built-in speakers.

Updating just ahead of the Nintendo Switch OLED’s release – which arrives on October 8 alongside a reduced price for standard Switch consoles – the ability to use Bluetooth is a feature that has been long-requested by fans of the console.


However, reports from users on Twitter suggest that the update has not been completely smooth. Under the official Twitter announcement, there are various fans who are frustrated with the inconsistent pairing process, and some report that Bluetooth audio is significantly quieter than other options.

Nintendo’s support page for pairing and managing Bluetooth audio devices for the Switch mentions a couple of caveats. Only two wireless controllers can connect to a Switch while using Bluetooth audio, and it will be “disconnected during local communication, such as when starting a local wireless multiplayer game”.

The page also warns “You may experience audio latency depending on your Bluetooth device.”

To access Bluetooth audio, navigate to system settings, scroll down to Bluetooth audio, and press pair. Your console will automatically search for any Bluetooth devices that are switched on, it can take several seconds to find. From there, simply click the Bluetooth device option when it pops up and the Nintendo Switch should begin to use the device as an audio output.


In other news, the Xbox app has been updated so that PCs can stream select Xbox titles. Anyone with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a compatible controller can now stream games through console or cloud gaming, and a variety of games are available on the service.