“Nintendo Switch references” found in ‘NieR Replicant’ datamine

We've heard this one before

A Reddit dataminer has shared files that appear to show references to the Nintendo Switch in NieR Replicant’s game code.

The references are made to ‘NX’ settings, the codename of the Switch during development, leading Redditors to believe that NieR Replicant was planned for, or is coming to, the Nintendo console.

Nier Replicant re-make/master is or was planned to come to Nintendo Switch from GamingLeaksAndRumours


The Nintendo Switch version of NieR Replicant was rumoured several months ago due to an Amazon link that appeared to list the game for the console. The supposed release date of this version has come and gone, leading many to believe it was purely a typo.

However, these new files have introduced a potential new angle to the rumour, as the original poster says: “Through datamining it’s possible to dig out references to NX (switch codename) graphics preset files, giving credence to original rumor”.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is the official title of the remaster that was released in April of this year. The cult-classic JRPG is set in a futuristic world where humanity is facing extinction, as a disease and mysterious monsters scour the world.

Playing as NieR, players set out to find a cure and answers as to why the creatures roam the world. Combat involves the protagonist wielding a sword to combo, parry and, juggle shadowy-looking enemies before using Grimoire Weiss to fire projectiles.

Earlier in the year, hacker and modder Lance McDonald discovered one final hidden secret in NieR: Automata nearly four years after the game’s release.


The code allows you to face the final ending immediately after fighting the first boss. NieR: Automata has several endings, many of which can’t be accessed until two or three playthroughs, but this code lets you bypass them all.