Nintendo to acquire Dynamo Pictures and rebrand it to Nintendo Pictures

The acquisition and rebrand is expected to close on October 3

Nintendo has agreed to acquire Dynamo Pictures, a Tokyo-based visual content producer, with the acquisition set to close on October 3.

In the announcement from Nintendo it outlines plans to acquire “100 per cent of the outstanding shares” of Dynamo Pictures and “wholly own” it. Given Dynamo’s visual content creation nature of business, Nintendo claims this acquisition will enable it to “strengthen the planning and production structure of visual content in the Nintendo group.”

Previous works by Dynamo can be seen on its website, and the CG (computer generated) animation style lends itself well to Nintendo’s existing works. Dynamo was established in 2011 and has since worked on movies, TV and games such as motion capture for Death Stranding, Persona 5, Monster Hunter: World and CG for Final Fantasy 13-2 as well as working on anime series such as Netflix’s Ghost in the Shell, and movies like Aya and the Witch.


Super Mario. Credit: Nintendo.

This could spell an increase in animated series, whether that be movies or television, for Nintnedo, after a Nintendo Studios copyright was spotted listed on the U.S. Copyright Office website (via Video Games Chronicle) in June 2022. The listings appear to have been on the site for some time, but were only recently found by Twitter user MichaelO2k. It’s unlikely though that the acquisition has anything to do with the upcoming Mario movie, where the producers reassured potential viewers that Chris Pratt’s Italian accent will not be “offensive”.

In other news, an Old School RuneScape developer has touched on how easy and hard mode servers could work in the MMO. Although “nothing’s concrete right now”, associate design director Kieren Charles says “it’s probably more likely […] than Merchant mode” to be added.