Nintendo warns ‘Animal Crossing’ fans to backup before transferring to Switch OLED

Backup your Save Data if you want to carry your island over

Nintendo has warned Animal Crossing: New Horizon players to backup their save data before switching to the Nintendo Switch OLED — or they could lose their island for good.

If you’ve sunk hundreds of hours into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll probably be keen not to see your island disappear into the ether.

Nintendo has warned players to enable Island Backup in the game before transferring to the new Nintendo Switch OLED — and make sure your save data is uploaded.


Island backup is an exclusive feature which allows New Horizons players to save their island to the Nintendo Switch Online Save Data Cloud service.

In order to make sure your island is backed up you’ll need to do the following:

Enable Island Backup

First of all, open Animal Crossing: New Horizons and select a user with a compatible Nintendo Account.

To enable Island backup, you must:

  • Have a Nintendo Account with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.
  • Have a Nintendo Account that has a resident on the island you want to backup.
  • Have a stable internet connection.
  • Have the latest game update (version 1.4.0 or later).

Note: Island backup cannot already be enabled by another resident — this will block you from being able to enable it yourself. However, the original resident can disable Island backup if you wish to enable it with a different account.

Once you’re ready, just press the – Button to access the Settings menu. Select “Island Backup” then “Enable Island backup”. If Island backup cannot be enabled, this could be due to a poor internet connection, or your Nintendo Account may not have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Once Island Backup is enabled, the game should automatically backup your island to the cloud. You can check the date and time of the last backup on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons title screen.

If your island is backed up, you can then import it to your new Nintendo Switch OLED.

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