‘No Man’s Sky’ delivers horror elements in new ‘Desolation’ update

Explore abandoned freighters filled with alien lifeforms and upgrades

Developer Hello Games has released a new update for No Man’s Sky, which will add more horror elements to the game.

The update, titled Desolation, is focused around exploring abandoned freighters found in space. Players can venture inside alone or in groups and discover procedurally generated environments reminiscent of sci-fi horror classics such as Alien.

Craft logs of the ship’s crew can be found inside each ship, revealing unique stories. Descending into each environment will reward players with loot and upgrades for their ship, which are exclusive to the freighters.


Players will face off against alien lifeforms, hazardous substances and derelict defense systems in the hope of escaping alive. Those embarking with a team are more likely to survive.

Check out the trailer for the update below.

On top of the update a large list of quality of life improvements have also been made including new lighting effects and inventory upgrades.

Since No Man’s Sky’s release in 2016, the team at Hello Games has worked consistently to evolve the game into something entirely different. The initial release was met with mixed to negative reviews from fans and critics alike, resulting in the developer to create something new.

Base-building, space fleet management and new worlds have all been added and have increased the game’s popularity over time. Virtual reality support has also been added to systems that utilise the feature.


Recently, the developer announced that No Man’s Sky would receive cross-play support, allowing PC, PS4 and Xbox One players to play together. The game was also added into the Xbox Game Pass service, allowing members to download the game for free.

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