‘No Man’s Sky’ finally hits “mostly positive” on Steam after five years

Looks like all those updates paid off

Five years after launching, No Man’s Sky has finally reached a “mostly positive” review rating on Steam.

As spotted by Kotaku, the Steam page for Hello Games‘ space adventure simulation game has now surpassed 162K total user reviews, resulting in an overall rating of “mostly positive”.

When the game launched in August 2016 its reception was overall negative due to the promise of elements that weren’t featured in the final product. At the time the game received poor reviews, but has since gained an admiring community who still play the game to this day – mainly due to the fact the developer continues to release new updates featuring new and improved content.


With No Man’s Sky now at “Mostly Positive,” this means that 70 per cent or more reviews favour the game, and the colour of the rating has changed from yellow to blue, which is a good thing.

Earlier this month (September 1) Hello Games released the latest Frontier update for No Man’s Sky, which adds planetary settlements to the universe generation, with small groups of aliens gathering together to build small communities. These can be found in inhabited systems all across the universe.

Additionally, the update saw a new Base Building overhaul, which reorganises objects into a grid system allowing fast access to the player.

In other news, Iron Gate has given players a new sneak peek at Valheim‘s new Hearth and Home update by showing off the weapon system.

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