‘No Man’s Sky’ Frontier update is out now – lets you oversee an alien settlement

Take charge of your own alien town

Hello Games has released the latest update for No Man’s Sky, letting players become overseers of alien settlements.

Named “Frontiers”, the update adds planetary settlements to the universe generation, with small groups of aliens gathering together to build small communities. These can be found in inhabited systems all across the universe.

If players earn the respect of a settlement’s citizens, they can become Overseers. Overseers are responsible for all aspects of settlers’ lives, including naming the town and choosing what to build. To keep the settlers happy, Overseers will need to commission festivals, resolve arguments, and repel attacks of Sentinels.


The patch notes say that “Settlements start off small and modest, with a sparse population and only a few buildings scattered around their town centre. Choose what to build and provide resources to construct new buildings and transform this ramshackle collection of dwellings into a flourishing town.”

Base Building should be easier in No Man’s Sky’s latest update. The menu for the base building has been overhauled to reorganise the objects into a grid system. This allows for fast access to parts and makes finding the ones players want much easier. This feature will also put more items on display and should encourage more variety in player builds.

There are also new base building parts available. From the patch notes: “Construct your own settlement-inspired bases with a huge array of new base parts. These detailed, high-definition parts are quick and easy to snap together and yet produce a huge diversity of exciting sci-fi buildings. These new structural sets of timber, stone and alloy pieces create a tremendous range of possible building shapes.”

Finally, the No Man’s Sky patch updates explosion effects. “Destruction is crunchier and more satisfying, with reworked visual effects for asteroid destruction, Exocraft crashes, crystal mining, terrain editing, and enemy explosions.”


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