‘No Man’s Sky’ is not yet finished “by a long shot” according to developer

There's a bucket list of ideas left

No Man’s Sky creator, Sean Murray, has explained that the game isn’t finished “by a long shot”. That’s despite receiving its 19th major update this week.

In an interview with IGN, Murray explained that the team at Hello Games is “continuously coming up with new features”. He said, for “as many updates as we’ve done since launch and as many bucket list items we’ve checked off, our list of things we’re excited about never seems to get any shorter”.

Adding to that, there is always “new content and features and areas for improvement”. However, as he notes, “we tend not to talk about what’s on that list publicly”. Referring to the game as similar to a painting that is never quite finished, Murray adds that “I like to think that No Man’s Sky is such a large game that we have to paint in broad brush strokes”.


No Man's Sky
No Man’s Sky. Credit: Hello Games

Each update therefore comes along and “fills in some finer detail but also paints more new broad strokes”.

This week, the latest No Man’s Sky update added enemy mechs and overhauled the game’s combat. Earlier this month, it was announced the game would be making its way to Nintendo Switch soon too.

After a rocky start, last September saw No Man’s Sky finally hit “mostly positive” on Steam. That’s five years after its original launch.

In other gaming news, the Fallout 76 roadmap is coming soon from Bethesda. Also EA has partly blamed Battlefield 2042‘s failures on the quality of Halo Infinite.

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