‘No More Heroes 3’ first boss fight revealed in new footage

There's also an adorable talking cat

The first 15 minutes of the upcoming action adventure title No More Heroes 3 have been shown off in an extended gameplay trailer.

New No More Heroes 3 footage shows the game’s opening segments, including several narrative-focused cut-scenes, melee combat and the open-world. There’s also an adorable talking cat that journeys alongside the game’s main protagonist, Travis Touchdown.

The new gameplay footage also shows No More Heroes 3’s first boss fight. Mr. Black Hole works directly with the game’s primary antagonist FU, and has the power to create temporary black hole portals that they can teleport through.


YouTuber xPeter’s Archive shared the footage earlier this week, adding to an already extensive number of videos about the game. At the time of writing, the YouTuber has 21 No More Heroes 3 videos that focus on pre-release footage of the game.

Previous footage of the game shared by xPeter’s Archive last month showed No More Heroes 3 running poorly with a poor frame rate and low resolution. However, this new gameplay footage shows a major improvement, with stable frame rates and crisper visuals.

No More Heroes 3’s official soundtrack is currently available to stream in full on YouTube for a limited time. The soundtrack features over 20 tracks from the likes of Nobuaki Kaneko, Jun Fukuda and others. It’s available now on YouTube until September 2.

No More Heroes 3 will release globally later this month on August 27, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.


In other news, the fan-made Bloodborne PS1 demake is now nearing completion, after its creator showed off new gameplay footage on Twitter. Across the length of two videos, creator Lilith Walther shows off almost an hour of progress (and eight months of work) in just four fast-tracked minutes, ending with a quick boss fight against Father Gascoigne.