No More Robots has “half a dozen” games coming to Game Pass in the next 12 months

“Pretty exciting space to be in right now”

No More Robots’ company director Mike Rose has confirmed the studio has “half a dozen” games coming to Xbox Game Pass in the next twelve months.

Earlier today (August 10) Rose took to Twitter to thank Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer for “chatting” with a bunch of people from No More Robots.

He went on to reveal that they discussed “some absolutely fascinating stuff about where the future of video games is headed,” before letting slip that No More Robots had a bunch of games planned for release on Game Pass in the not-so-distant future.


“Let’s just say, I’m pretty glad we have more than half a dozen games coming to Game Pass in the next 12 months — pretty exciting space to be in right now,” he said.

Spirittea and Let’s Build A Zoo for Xbox Game Pass confirmed,” asked one fan, with Rose replying with a gif implying his lips were sealed. He told another fan he “couldn’t possibly say” if Let’s Build A Zoo was heading to the service.

Speaking to NME last year about the benefits of services like Game Pass, Rose said: “There’s so much data out there to show that being on Game Pass now makes your game sell better everywhere.”

“Technology moves on. You’ve got to move with it. You can’t whine when it does,” he added.

Talking to NME in a recent Boss Level feature, Rose said that with No More Robots, he wants to give people “weird stuff that they’ve never played before. What’s the point of publishing games that anyone can publish?”


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