Norman Reedus shares ‘Death Stranding 2’ is in a “negotiations” phase

Reedus has some good news to deliver

Actor Norman Reedus has shared that Death Stranding 2 is in negotiations, suggesting that fans could see more of Sam Porter Bridges in the future.

In an interview with AdoroCinema, Norman Reedus – who voices the main character Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding – has stated that a sequel is planned and currently in very early stages.

“I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding, [The game] is in negotiations right now. So…Yay!” (thanks, IGN).


Earlier in 2020, Kojima Productions confirmed that it was working on a new project and hiring “the best-in-class talent to work out of our Tokyo studio”.

The original Death Stranding has sold over five million copies on PS4 and PC, and news of a sequel comes ahead of the launch of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which will arrive as a PS5 exclusive on September 24.

Last month, creator Hideo Kojima expressed his dislike for the term “Director’s Cut” in the title, claiming that unlike in film, the Death Stranding Director’s Cut is more about what has been “additionally produced” as opposed to what was cut.

These new additions include an extended storyline for Sam Porter Bridges and new facilities, weapons, and support items for players to enjoy.


In other news, a League Of Legends mockumentary-style show is in the works by the creators of American Vandal, who have been “deep in the League Of Legends world” for over two years to prepare for the show.

The show will follow a League Of Legends team in the North American League Of Legends Championship, struggling to win a title after years of competing. To have a chance at winning, two members of the team – a 17-year-old rookie and a 27-year-old veteran – will need to put aside their ego’s.

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