Nvidia CEO can’t see an end in sight for chip shortages

Not an optimistic outlook

The CEO of Nvidia thinks that the chip shortage is going to last long into next year, according to an interview.

First spotted by PCGamer, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang spoke to Yahoo Finance about what to expect from 2022 in regards to chip shortages. “I think that through the next year, demand is going to far exceed supply,” he noted. “We don’t have any magic bullets in navigating the supply chain,” Huang admitted.

“We have the support of our suppliers,” Huang continued explaining how the company is safe financially.


That’s little comfort for consumers though who are continuing to be hit hard by chip shortages. Such shortages are leading to issues with acquiring graphics cards as well as PlayStation 5 consoles.

PS5 console and DualSense controller. Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Recently, Sony’s Jim Ryan addressed the PS5 stock shortage explaining that the company is “laser-focused” on doing everything possible to ship more units. Earlier this month, Sony chartered Boeing 747s to deal with the PlayStation 5 restock to attempt to save Christmas for some gamers.

Despite continuing concerns, AMD’s Lisa Su is more optimistic and believes that things will improve in late 2022.

Elsewhere, Amazon Game Studios has announced that a minimap for New World is not a high priority right now. Fortunately, there is a third-party mod out there that users can instead.


Back 4 Blood‘s developer, Turtle Rock Studios, has also admitted that the game is “far more difficult than intended” and is working on a fix.