Nvidia increasing RTX 3060 supply, will be offered to internet cafes first

Graphics card shortages are slowly coming to an end

Nvidia is reportedly increasing the supply for RTX 3060 graphics cards, however, this increase in supply is first intended for internet cafes to access the new stock.

As IT Home reports, a “large number of goods” are expected to arrive on the market around July 10. These new graphics cards will come with the opportunity for internet cafe owners to pay a deposit in June, ensuring that they are able to meet their own needs before anywhere else.

Techspot noted that after internet cafes have secured their orders, more graphics cards should start “moving down the supply lines to the retail sector.”


The RTX 3060, like most other mid-to-high range graphics cards, has been the subject of dramatic shortages since its release in February this year.

Bitcoin is one of the leading causes of GPU shortages. Credit: Francesco Carta fotografo

The shortages have been caused by a variety of issues including scalpers, production issues and bitcoin prices that have skyrocketed over the last year.

Research carried out earlier in June suggested that as many as 700,000 graphics cards – worth around $500million – were bought by dedicated cryptocurrency miners in the first few months of 2021 alone.

Back in May, AMD CEO Lisa Su stated that graphics card supply issues should improve through 2021.

As stock levels recover and cryptocurrency demand wanes, gamers should start finding it easier to get their hands on the RTX 3060 and other graphics cards without having to search everywhere or pay significantly more for a scalped GPU.


In other news, Tim Sweeney has confirmed that the Epic Games Store will “someday” receive a shopping cart feature.

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